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Best Digital Sales Platform
While Valve came along and kicked it all off with Steam, we’ve seen PC gaming flourish and encompass many digital sales platforms in recent years. Now when you want to get the best deal on a PC game, you can shop around for the cheapest buy or the greatest offer. All these fantastic storefronts competing with each other means there’s only one winner overall - the PC gamer. Here we celebrate the best of these, serving the gamers with the cheapest deals and the cheeriest smile.
Don’t let their meek name fool you, Humble has risen to become one of the most important digital storefronts in PC gaming. Home to the world’s best games bundles of course, but with the Humble Store now also a genuine place to head and pick up just about any game for a bargain price.
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CDKeys is less bargain based than G2A (and technically a whole lot safer) and instead is a great store to go to for release date discounts with the newest possible game being right at your fingertips at some of the cheapest prices.
Ubisoft’s Uplay store is undoubtedly heading in the right direction in recent months. So long lambasted as a barrier to playing Ubisoft’s titles, it’s rapidly becoming a home to great game sales, a slick user interface and some great community features.
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Windows Store
After the train wreck that was Games for Windows Live, Microsoft has faced an uphill battle in earning back PC gamers’ trust. The Windows Store still has a long way to go, but it is one the place where we can play all of the Xbox exclusives on PC, while Game Pass coming to PC should be enough to make it a very tempting proposition.
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Green Man Gaming
It may surprise you to know, but Green Man Gaming is the second largest digital video game store in the world behind Steam. It’s just about the only site out there that can legitimately compete with Steam’s steep discount rates. For day one purchases of the biggest games, it can be difficult to beat, while the VIP savings offered to members are a secret source of bargains.
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