Best Racing Game
Participating in adrenaline fueled competition on a race track is not always possible, especially when you think of the multi million dollar equipment required for Formula One. So the world of racing games is a much needed way for us to get into the cockpit of a souped up sports car or on the back of a motorbike. The Best Racing Award does not require a track race, but it definitely looks for games that bring the fast paced thrill of competitive racing to our driving-gloved gaming mitts. These nominees will give us a good reason to break out our steering wheels, flight sticks or joypads and offer the rush of a racing simulation brought to life.
In the world of F1 games, competition isn’t exactly fierce for Codemasters. Despite their dominance though, Codies aren’t the sort to sit back and rest on their laurels. F1 2018 is yet another leap forward for the beloved simulation racing series, adding several new driving features, a deeper career mode, drastically improved audio and enhanced driver AI.
This generation there have been an absolute dearth of arcade racing games, but Onrush changed all that. This vehicular combat game was part Burnout, part Overwatch, pitting teams of players against each in explosive objective-based events. Onrush is wholly unique in the genre, but poor sales sadly left to mass layoffs at Codemasters shortly after launch.
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