Best Story
Throw away Dickens. Set alight your copy of Tolstoy. Wuthering Heights meet paper shredder. You have no need for these intellectual curios with gaming’s huge advances in storytelling and character development. These are the cream of the crop, the Booker prize for our new interactive age. All of the nominees give us a riveting yarn that had us hooked from the very first page screen, with stories that will live long in our memory. Intriguing plot devices, exceptional character dialogue, twists and turns that all come together to deliver a real contender for the Best Story Award.
Rockstar has ably demonstrated its writing chops over the years but Red Dead Redemption 2 is undoubtedly a high point. Not along is a grand tale of revenge, betrayal, patriarchal tyranny, and the downfall of free will, but RDR2 is also packed with unique text and conversations for every occasion. Red Dead 2 is a massive game and yet it rarely, if ever, repeats itself across its entire, huge world. It’s a gargantuan achievement in story-telling, feeling truly bespoke at all times.