Beat Saber Astro Bot Rescue Mission Moss
Best VR Experience
Well we’ve finally made it, the world of virtual reality is now available for our viewing pleasure (and 2007 thought smartphones were cool). When you have the almost infinite possibilities of being able to put people into whatever world you can imagine there is sure to be some amazing virtual encounters out there. Whether breathtakingly beautiful, full-on frightening, ingeniously innovative or just impressively immersive, we have collected what we think have been the best VR experiences this year.
Beat Saber
Even though it’s still in Early Access, Beat Saber is one of the highest reviewed games on Steam, and with good reason. A VR rhythm game that thunders along with its own kinetic energy, Beat Saber asks the player to slash at the beats with their sabers using motion controllers. Beat Saber is undoubtedly a sweaty time for all.
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Astro Bot Rescue Mission
Widely touted as one of the best VR games ever made, and certainly the strongest platformer, Astro Bot Rescue Mission takes a throwaway idea from the PSVR demo disc and transforms it into something approaching magical. The experience of playing Astro Bot in VR is akin to playing Super Mario 64 for the first time, ushering in a new dimension of play.
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As VR matures, we’re beginning to see developers better acclimate to the platform’s advantages. Moss is just such a game, upping the bar for VR storytelling in the manner in which it integrates the player within its luscious storybook setting. There’s a tangible sense of place and physicality to everything around the player, delivering one of the most immersive Vr gaming experiences that can be found.
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