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Best VR Headset
It’s been a long time since the days of the Virtual Boy and wow, have we come a long way. We live in a pinch-me-to-wake-me-up world of VR that the days of dial up internet could only dream of, but which is the best gateway into jaw-dropping digital worlds? From small beginnings we’ve now got a fantastic choice of headsets, each bringing fundamentally different ways to play games than we’ve ever experienced before.
HTC Vive Pro
For those after the ultimate premium virtual reality experience there really is no better than the HTC Vive Pro. Between Valve and HTC they have leapfrogged the competition in terms of quality and upped the ante of what we expect from VR. The HTC Vive Pro offers an improved higher-resolution 2800 x 1600 display, optimised ergonomics, and built-in 3D spatial audio.
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