The Last of Us: Part II
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You don’t need tea leaves or a crystal ball to pick out these plum choices. We’re not even through 2018 yet but we can’t help but look forward to all the gaming gems coming our way over the next year. These choice cuts are the ones that have us slavering in anticipation, eager to get hands-on with their out of reach wares.
After Mass Effect Andromeda, it’s all too easy to write BioWare. History tells us this would be a mistake though. BioWare is an absolutely formidable force in the world of story-based single-player RPGs, so the prospect of this giant turning its hand to co-op focused action-RPG like Anthem certainly has us licking our lips.
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The original The Division became Ubisoft’s biggest launch ever. The following months saw it fall somewhat out of grace but Ubisoft stuck by its co-op loot shooter and continued to improve it month after month. There’s been a lot of lessons learned since 2016, and The Division 2 is hopefully the point at which Ubisoft’s ambitions align with fan expectations.