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Most Anticipated Hardware
The bits of hardware that keep you up at night are what we’ve reserved for this selection. The tech that make you look wistfully out the window and dream of what could be or smile wryly as you imagine running through fields of flowers on hills into the arms of a new API. Will they be as good as we dream? Who knows? … It’s the future.
Intel Arctic Sound Graphics Cards
There are few things that quite get PC gamer blood racing than the prospect of a third runner entering the graphics card race. Intel has been poaching top-tier talent left, right, and centre, and there’s an expectation that things could get very interesting indeed when Intel, Nvidia, and AMD are engaged in a three-way battle.
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Next Xbox
A next Xbox seems almost a given, but whether we’ll see it next year is a different matter entirely. Microsoft has game streaming projects in the works, while the Xbox One X is comfortably the fastest games console on the planet. A lot of Microsoft’s plans are going to hinge on what Sony is up to with the PS5. Should Microsoft begin to feel the pressure, a generational upgrade will surely follow.
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