• Game of the Year
  • Best Action
  • Best Open World
  • Best Visuals
Game of the Year
After Batman Arkham, it can be easy to take superhero games for granted. Spider-Man is a special game though, and the comfortably the greatest Marvel-licensed game ever. Spidey has finally been given the treatment he deserves. Spider-Man has top-tier web-slinging, Arkham-beating combat, and an amazing recreation of New York City just begging to be explored. Never before have we quite felt like such a superhero.
Best Action
Insomniac have long been the masters of versatile, slick player movement, but Spider-Man is the studio at its peak. The webbed wonder has never felt better play as, whether that’s swinging down the streets, sticking enemies to walls, or lassoing unwitting grunts together. Spider-man looks and feels second to none, topped off by the token Spidey Sense, a combat feature ready-made for gaming.
Best Open World
New York is hardly the most inspired choice for an open-world, but when you’re dealing with Spider-Man, your hands are kind of tied, so to speak. Insomniac has taken a well-worn game locale though and finally given it the justice that the Big Apple deserves. Web-swinging has never felt so good as it does in Spider-Man, and tearing down the skyscraper streets, zooming inches above traffic, never gets old.
Best Visuals
We’re fast approaching that stage where open-world games can look every bit as fantastic as their cinematic, linear counterparts. Insomniac have utilised some absolute wizardry to get the five-year-old PS4 cranking out visuals as consistently fantastic as Spider-Man’s. The open-world New York City is a web-slinging joy to whizz through, while the sublimely implemented photo mode has kept us snapping pics for months.