• Best Post-Launch Support
  • Best Free 2 Play
Best Post-Launch Support
Another game that rose from obscurity to become something really special, Warframe is that silent behemoth that has been gathering steam in the background. While conversation always turns to the new hotness, Warframe has sneakily become one of the most played games in the world. Planes of Eidolon launched for free last year, and plans have already been announced for two new expansions, including surface-to-space combat.
Best Free 2 Play
The standard bearer for quality free-to-play experiences, Warframe beats Destiny at its own game. Over the years, Warframe has ballooned from nothing to one of the most popular games in existence, aided by massive, free expansions, constant updates, new classes, weapons and modes of transport, include a trick-based hoverboard in the latest Fortuna expansion.
Also nominated: Path of Exile, Fortnite, Paladins