Best RPG
Roll your D20s it’s time for the RPG game of the year award. It all sounds so simple but behind the doors these games represent some of the more complex mechanics and plots around, giving us some of the most expansive and varied gaming environments we’ve ever seen. Role-playing is all about immersion, and these games represent some of the deepest, most engrossing experiences available, often involving the player in some of the most grandiose tales of pure fantasy. The roleplaying game mechanic has been with us since the RPG Lord, Gary Gygax, first thought of pen & paper tabletop games with your buddies, and since then leveling up and character development has found its way into a huge proportion of video games.
Stepping into the void left by BioWare, GreedFall is Spiders most ambitious RPG yet, and one which demonstrates a veteran development studio ascending to a new level. It’s a fantasy colonial RPG with deep role-playing systems, open-ended design, and an enchanting world to explore. GreedFall may not be entirely unique but it is an RPG in a classic and beloved mold.
Closure. That is all Kingdom Hearts fans have wanted for the past decade. Kingdom Hearts 3 delivers this is spades, providing a resolution which trots across Disney’s diverse landscape of classic IPs with gleeful abandon. There’s just something about the entire concept of forging Disney with Final Fantasy that means we can’t wipe the grin off our faces.
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