League of Legends LCS Player Contracts Leaked
Written by: 4gateftw - 17:44 Dec-05-2013

As many of you may know, Esports is a thing. A BIG thing. For those of you that don't, Esports is the name created to refer to the professional play of video games, something many people, including me, find very enjoyable to watch. The biggest Esport, League of Legends, is a MOBA game whose season 3 LCS finals posted about 32 million individual viewers, and around 8.5 million concurrent viewers, which is more than game six of the Stanley Cup. LCS is the official championship run by Riot, the game's developer.



Recently however, the contract for season four was leaked, and it's not looking pretty. The thing that's got everyone riled up is that it prevents LCS players from advertising, or in fact playing on camera, quite a few very popular games, including basically everything Blizzard currently makes, (WoW, Starcraft, Hearthstone, etc.) World of Tanks, DoTA 2, Infinite Crisis, World of Planes, SMITE, and for some reason a bunch of games nobody cares about, including Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes, which was shut down in march.  



The following comment was issued by Riot's director of Esports in a Reddit thread:

"We say this all the time: we want League of Legends to be a legitimate sport. There are some cool things that come from that (salaried professional athletes, legitimate revenue streams, visas, Staples Center), but there's also a lot of structural work that needs to be done to ensure a true professional setting.



We recognize there may be some differences of opinion in the perception of pro players' streams. In the past, pro gamers only had to worry about their personal brands when streaming and, at most, may have had to worry about not using the wrong brand of keyboard to keep their sponsor happy. Now, however, these guys are professionals contracted to a professional sports league. When they're streaming to 50,000 fans, they're also representing the sport itself.



I can't stress enough how these guys in the LCS are on the road to being real, legitimate athletes. This is new territory for a lot of teams (especially in esports), because the transition goes from being a group of talented individuals to being real icons of a sport and a league. Similarly, you probably wouldn't see an NFL player promoting Arena Football or a Nike-sponsored player wearing Reebok on camera. Pro players are free to play whatever game they want - we're simply asking them to keep in mind that, on stream, they're the face of competitive League of Legends."



This move will no doubt not be quite controversial. Feel free to post your opinion below.



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20:10 Dec-05-2013

"Riot can suck my dick" - Qtpie on stream - 2013 xDD