New Years quiz is coming!
Written by: l19980623 - 16:10 Jan-22-2014

The event has been moved here: CLICK ME


Hello buddies, lone time no see :S

Do you still remember the quiz event I held at 6/2? Yeah with your enthusiasm it received great success. Still regret for your didn't win prize previously? Now IT'S YOUR CHANCE!

The new quiz is coming!

Some details here:

*The quiz will begin in 1/31 (the date of Chinese New Year) and will be last for 5 days.

*Different from the previous one, this time I have set four prices to win!

1st place: any $35 game(s) on Steam (but not only CN site yeeah!)

2nd place: any $20 game(s) on Steam.

3rd AND 4th place: any $10 game(s) on Steam.

*Of course the quiz will be held on

*The questions is still being considered. This time I will do much better :)

*Any suggestions, options are welcomed. Don't hesitate to PM me or email me. I'll try to reply you ASAP.

See ya on the New Year :D

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