Crusader Kings 2: Rajas Of India announced
Written by: 4gateftw - 15:39 Jan-28-2014

Crusader Kings 2. It's only been out for two years, and yet it's been changed so much, so much has been added, it's almost a different game now. Most of that has been through DLC. You may remember that CKII: The Old Gods won the category for best DLC in GD's own Global Game Awards, and deservedly so. It gave CKII players 200 years and a bunch of new religions to play around with, as well as making numerous tweaks, but the other expansions are hardly meager offerings. Sons of Abraham let us play as the Jews and mess around with the College of Cardinals, Sword of Islam allowed us to play as Muslim rulers, Legacy of Rome added a retinue mechanic and the ability to reform the Roman Empire, and The Republic let us play as, well, Republics. 



Now, yet another expansion for CKII has come along, bearing the name Rajas Of India. It will expand the world map by 50%, adding around 400 new provinces, 3 new religions, and one assumes a ton of new random events to ruin your day. Apparently the new land you can play around with will include India, Siberia and a bunch of Central Asia. UPDATE: it will also add more of Abyssinia and Nubia to Africa. A free patch will be released with the expansion, which will include all of the new map, as well as steam workshop and matchmaking support.




Are you excited for this expansion? Have you already played hundreds of hours of CKII, and are looking forward for an excuse to play more? Leave your thoughts below!

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