MMORPG and MOBA Clones
Written by: ismail92 - 22:39 Feb-08-2014

Lately, I've been thinking about the differences in each of MMORPG and MOBA games? And,  I just can't find anything special. There is ocean of those games and all those all run by one pattern. In MMORPG games: you start playing, you go from one to another character, you accept and complete quests. Then, you get awards for it, and game just keep circulating from level to level. With new levels come new items, new skins, u unlock PvP combat, just like in the most of MMORPG games. Differences are almost imperceptible when we talk about gameplay. 

The only true difference is graphic quality and system requirements that comes with it. RIFT, Tera, Neverwinter, Aion..... When i play those game i fell like I'm playing the same game, just with different graphic quality.

And the same thing is with all new MOBA games. Yeah, steal something from Lol, something from DOTA 2 and we have a game.  There is no original ideas. There is no unique ideas.

I think I might point out Smite. This is not classic MOBA game. First, u have 3rd person view. And, there are some really unique game mods. And the best is really F2P. U can buy everything, even skins with something called "favor". U can earn favor in any of those mods (5-6 mods). Of course u can buy "gems" with real money if u cant wait to earn enough favor.

LoL is the most expensive F2P game i've ever played. From skins, boosters, nickname change option u need real money. I mean, that's sick.

If we look at the DOTA 2 there is the same thing. U need real money for skins, but... In DOTA 2 u can sell your items on market and earn real money. U have workshop. U can create your own items in 3D softwares - if u have skills of course- and upload. If Valve accept your work and put that in the game u will gain percent of money earned by selling your items. My opinion - DOTA 2 has the stongest community.

MOBA and MMORPG game developers will have to dig something really big, if they want to success.

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