My thoughts on flappy bird
Written by: alex123456789 - 20:38 Feb-10-2014

3 days ago I absolutely no idea what flappy bird was.After pewds mentioned it people have been going crazy over this game.There were also rumors of a murder over flappy bird (which turned out to be a hoax but people are  dumb and lazy and they don't crosscheck their sources)


The dev decided to take down the game because supposedly "he couldn't take this anymore"

In my honest opinion,this is a bunch of bullsh*t and here's why:


With all of the pressthe creator has been getting off of the game it wouldn't have been long until Nintendo stepped in, if they haven't already, asking why exactly this bird that looks suspiciously like a mash up of a few different Mario enemies spends all its time flying around Mario styled pipes making Mario styled noises and started asking for their cut.Also with all the hype that has been going on, the moment he announced the removal even more people downloaded it just so they could try out before it was gone FOREVER(you can get the god damned apk file from tons of websites),so if the dude was making 50k a day from the ingame ads now he will be making 70k (just a guess though).People are going ape shit as I'm writing this.

Quoting Katie Allen for GD here: "More ridiculously, phones with Flappy Bird installed on them are being flogged on auction site Ebay, with dozens topping $1000 and one iPhone 5 on the US site currently with a standing bid of $90,000 on it. Yes. Ninety thousand."

Bottom line, this guy is MY HERO! With that much money he made he can live a hell of a life in vietnam or anywhere for that matter and he played his card as well as he could. 2 months from now people will not even remember this stupid game (remember harlem shake or planking? Didn't think so)

So tell me guys...

Do you like flappy birds?

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22:20 Feb-10-2014

Despite being waaay older, iCopter still blows flappy Cheep Cheeps out of the water in my opinion.