My thoughts on Star Wars (1977)
Written by: alex123456789 - 22:06 May-23-2014



So I finally watched Star Wars after all the things I've heard about it.

It's rubbish

There! I said it! But read on to understand why I'm saying it.

(Please keep in mind that I'm not in any way a professional critic,and this is not a review,just my thoughts on the movie)




A 5 year old would do a better job than Lukas




Could the dialogues be ANY more blunt?
-Obi wan died...
-There's nothing you could do

And that's it.Their whole reaction to Obi Wan's death.

...Your master JUST died b*tch! Jesus...


Leia's whole damn planet got blown to smithereens and she didn't say ANYTHING.She didn't scream,she didn't cry she was just sitting there making an "angry" face.And then nothing.Hell,even Obi Wan was more conscious to the gravity (see what I just did there? No? ok...) of the situation.

Special effects:

Or whatever they called them at the time.They were total shit.I mean seriously, even the montage seemed like it was done by two dudes high on weed in their parent's basement.

But I can't be too harsh on this one taking into account the year it was released.Then again,2001: A Space Odyssey was released almost 10 years earlier (1968).But what do I know right?

So here's what I thought of the film.Feel free to argue with me or call me a dumbass or whatever.However,I have to give credit to the fact that it started as an interesting idea and there are hardly any movie franchises that build such a huge universe and had such a big impact on pop-culture.

Do you like Star wars?

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07:49 May-24-2014

Ah well, at least I laughed about things you said....I have only watched Episode I, II & III (in cinemas), not the older, but later episodes; I never could take 'a step' to that and that's probably 'cause I'm not from the seventies or earlier (either) :D I could give it a chance, reading all great comments and seeing all great scores. Just don't start following, unfair battle: 'Star Wars modern vs. Star Wars old fashioned' or you'll look with a different eye at the other trilogy ♫

Thanks for sharing!

10:57 May-24-2014

Glad you laughed, I was wondering if anyone understood that this is in no way a review and not intended to be taken 100% seriously :D

admin approved badge
18:45 May-25-2014

Haha, not 100% 'cause I think you were pretty much overstating, but to convince... ;)