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Written by: JRschro - 18:34 Jun-18-2014

      As work is dying down and school wont be starting for a few months I have more time to write and contribute to GD, hooray :) This blog is a short look into some of the things I have in the pipeline. First off I would love to do more articles on games and hardware. I'm thinking a late review of The Last of Us for starters (and anything you may want, suggest in the comments please) I have a hardware/pc build blog that is in early development and will hopefully be completed this fall with a new personal rig. Once I start school I would like to do a blog weekly or monthly describing the experience, and seeing as its an associates in computer science I am striving for I think you will be interested. And of course I will be adding games and hardware to GD to further its database. This is an exiting year for me and I hope you and all of GD are ready for some hopefully good material ;)

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10:15 Jun-19-2014

Sounds good :)

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18:48 Jun-18-2014

Nice, buddy, looking forward to it :)

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01:26 Jun-19-2014

thank you