Velvet Sundown
Written by: blackkiller705 - 19:29 Jun-28-2014

Hey guys I found an interesting indie game which is currently on closed beta :)

And the game has actually been thumbed up in Steam Greenlight also =)

I got a beta key but I feel that they need a lot more guys to test it because there is no players almost online so haven't even got to play with others because you need a certain amount of players to start :)


So heres some info from their site: 

Velvet Sundown
"Who am I?"
And what am I doing here? I woke up on a luxury yacht in the middle of the Caribbean. I am on-board with several other people — some I might've even met before.

To know nothing of what to expect... I feel all adrift but I still know one thing: I have to make a leap of faith. To find out what the hell is going on in here."
Do you have the courage?
To be cast in the role of a spy? To determine the storylines aboard a cruise of affluence and shady dealings?
To meet other real people with their own personal agendas and motives? Find out what it takes in a role experience the length of a short film.
Sign up for beta access
We are currently in closed beta. To get early access to the game, register here with your email.

Link to register

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08:01 Jun-29-2014

Hmmm this seems different. Thanks for this. :)

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12:59 Jun-29-2014

Sure thing :) They need soo many more beta players because the most that I have seen is 3 in lobby. And you need atleast 4 players to start the scenario :/