Blizzard Games Graveyard
Written by: Bastinian - 16:12 Oct-17-2014

So I bought today a gaming magazine called "Screenfun" and when I was reading it, I encountered article called "Blizzard Games Graveyard" where the authors found some of the games that Blizzard canceled. Interesting, there are a lot of games I didn't knew. Enjoy!

1. Games people play

I guess nobody knew about this game. It was developed somewhere in mid 90s and it was supposed to be some sort of crossword puzzle game.

2. Crixia 

This game was developed by studio called Qualia Games, but Blizzard also joined to the project, and developing game should have lasted for 9 months. But at the end, Blizzard decided not to publish this game because back in 1991. 2D shooters like this game should be were pretty much popular, and they thought that it won't break through.

3. Nomad

This game was supposed to be MMO much long before World of Warcraft. But this game should have been some sort of strategy MMO based on elements from Warhammer games. But developers were separated with thoughts about this game because some of them wanted to make RPG like Final Fantasy. Blizzard never started with development of this game.

4. Shattered Nations

This game was supposed to be ancestor of Starcraft. It was actually a sci-fi game based in far future. Nobody knew for this game until someone uploaded videos on Youtube. This game was actually announced on E3 expo in 1995. but shortly after, it was cancelled. After that, people who were working on this game moved to make Starcraft.

5. Pax Imperia 2 

This game, similar to game above, was sci-fi strategy. This game was announced at 1995. by Blizzard and Changeling software, who we're working on the game. At the end of the year, Blizzard stopped working on it to move on developing Starcraft. Blizzard sold rights of the game to THQ who actually published this game in 1997. under name "Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain". This game was actually last project by Blizzard who was actually finished before they gave up on it.

6. Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans

This game was also developed in mid 90s. It was supposed to be point and click 2D game related to the Warcraft universe. It was supposed to be published in 1997. for Windows 95 but it was delayed, and in 1998. it was officially cancelled because, as Blizzard believed, it wouldn't break through because 3D game were becoming more popular at that time.

7. Starcraft Ghost

This game may be more familiar to you, because there are cinematic's and stuff on Youtube. This game supposed to be and RPG with Nova as main protagonist. This game was announced in 2002. for actual consoles back then, PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, but later on Blizzard development team changed, Gamecube was bad selling console, Microsoft and Sony announced next-gen consoles and the whole project fell into water. You can see a lot of materials for this game, as Blizzard was advertising it pretty hard.

8. Project Titan

Many of you already know for this game, as it was recently unfortunately cancelled. It development started back in 2007. and after then, we had very low information's about it. Only thing we knew is that it was supposed to be next-gen MMO. People already started losing interest in this game after many delays. Last year they announced that developers started working on it again and it should be released at 2016. But at the end, they cancelled it, and said that "Development team lost their passion for the game." Now with their passion, they also lost many years while working on it, and Blizzard lost a lot of money.

So what are you guys and girls thinking about this article? My personal thought is that they cancelled some of those games to move on on next level. Those decisions made them company they are today and I think they don't regret. I feel that after cancelling of Projet Titan, who could be pretty nice game, by my opinion, they are preparing to surprise players with something even better!

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senior admin badge
16:01 Oct-18-2014

?Great article buddy and excellent/original subject matter. More please

22:39 Oct-18-2014

Ty bro! Credits go to magazine where from I informed, but I didn't really copy/pasted everything, I did some of my thoughts and opinions. They did more important job though! :)

admin approved badge
17:13 Oct-17-2014

they've done really well canceling the games, unlike most devs who will publish the game anyway, just to get the money. Blizzard is trying to remain a company with only good games and as much money as they make from WoW, this proves that they are not only about the money :)

19:11 Oct-17-2014

Yep, I completely agree! As I said, Blizzard is cancelling games only to learn from their mistakes and improve! That's what makes great gaming company! :)