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Written by: teckamel - 05:17 Oct-30-2014

It’s competition time folks! the top Price Comparison Store and Pixels for Breakfast, the most dedicated and up to date games review and game guide site on the web today, brings you the biggest event for this month. Win a free CD key of any PC game of your choice! Choose your game! Get it free!

Allkeyshop, with its exceptional service, provides the most competitive prices in the market. They have tested, and frequently continue to anonymously check CD key vendors that they present, to offer you a great quality of service and allow you to buy your PC games, Gamecard and Xbox products (Xbox points, Xbox live and Xbox games) with extreme confidence.

What’s CD key?

It’s a multi-digit code that the store will send you via e-mail after your purchase. You will then use this code for official download platforms such as (Steam, Origin, Uplay or to activate and download your game for free.

Why buy a CD key?

It’s really low-priced, fast and convenient and you can get your games from your home in just a matter of minutes.

Why is it cheap?

The price of purchasing a CD key is low because the stores are online and has less tax to pay. They don’t have stocks to manage and they don’t have a box or package to send you.

Why choose Allkeyshop?

On the CD KEY market there are a lot of online stores today, and to level the competition you must be on top of your game. Most of them claim that they are the best but when it comes to customer support and satisfaction they really don’t live up to the hype. Some never send the CD keys, and doesn’t provide good customer assistance when problem’s and questions occur.
At Allkeyshop we offer you the best CD key and we guarantee you that you are getting one from an original retail box when you purchase it with us. Together with our most trusted Partner Sites we give you the latest, Genuine and 100% working CD keys. So don’t take risks and use Allkeyshop. The best way to buy your pc games that provides best prices and accompanied with the best service, that allows you to buy your games with self confidence.

How to Enter:
Log-in with your Facebook or e-mail address to enter.Grab your game with their huge selection of more than 600+ Highly Anticipated Game titles and paste the game page URL on the space provided on the giveaway widget. You can Share or Tweet about the giveaway to get extra entries. Complete all the steps.

What you may possibly Win

Enter to win a chance to win any PC game that is already released, like: ARMA 3, FIFA 14, BF4,Call of Duty Black Ops II, Sim City, Tomb Raider, Diablo III, Far Cry 3, Company of Heroes, Payday 2 and many more! One winner will receive a Free CD Key in which a code will be emailed to you after purchasing from the store.

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15:42 Oct-30-2014

I bought the CD Keys for Skyrim LE and Fallout NV Ultimate edition from G2Play cheap like 6 months ago and nothing bad happened.
But I heard that CD Key shops are kinda illegal or something...several steam accounts were disabled because of this.
It is safe If I wanna buy let's say...Shadow of Mordor, DA Inquisition, Wither 3 from G2Play ?
I would buy the games from steam/origin but they are very expensive for my country, and I'm a student so I don't have a source of income

17:50 Oct-30-2014

you can may be get it free by points there is nothing to lose

admin approved badge
07:55 Oct-30-2014

This is some kind of ad, no? And promotion of company

09:00 Oct-30-2014

And a really obvious one,for that matter.

09:13 Oct-30-2014

yes but could be very easy to get free games and it's to try with garantee