H1Z1 Early Access Date Confirmed
Written by: DannyJay - 22:57 Dec-08-2014

Last Weekend John Smedley @j_smedley confirmed on Twitter that the H1Z1 Early Access release date was to be announced today (Link), in which he finally tweeted after a vicious hype train that you can pay for early access as soon as January 15th 2015, whilst this may not be the date some were hoping for, a confirmed date is nice news regardless.

H1Z1 is the most recent addition to the Zombie Survival MMO genre that's taken the gaming community by storm, some would call it just another DayZ clone but others feel it's a more versatile genre than that and each Zombie MMO has more capability or purpose than the previous. The unique selling point being a strong emphasis on Sandbox capabilities such as building a base, and a unique ecosystem, the early access will come with lots of features already built in such as:

  • Dynamic Environments
  • Weapons & Vehicles
  • Expansive Crafting
  • Base Building
  • Intelligent AI
  • and "Circle of Death"

Of course along with every Early Access title there's controversy that many didn't want H1Z1 to be an early access title or even a F2P game (Later down the line), as it may reduce quality of a final product, or delay the release of a finished product due to developers "Slacking" because they're already earning money.
What do you think?

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