Old Call of Duty Titles are Overpriced!
Written by: Jakester9002 - 15:18 Jan-08-2015

This is kind of a rant about the prices for the older Call of Duty games....

       Here is a picture of the current prices for the Call of Duty games... 


1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - If your looking for a great call of duty this is one of them in my opinion. But sadly it is 60$. You might as well buy Advanced Warfare with that money or some other newer game. This game should at least be 40$ since the game was made roughly 2 years ago.


2. Speaking of 40$... - If you are wanting a semi-old Call of Duty you're going to have to fork up 40$ to play Modern Warfare 3 or Black Ops. You'll be better off waiting for the sales for it to drop to 20$ like it should be normally since Black Ops was made roughly 4 Years ago and MW3 was made 3 Years ago.


3. Speaking of 20$... - If you are wanting a nice classic COD like maybe the first one or maybe Modern Warfare 2. You'll be throwing 20$ for either one of those games and the ones in between them. I think that Call of Duty, Call of Duty: United Offensive, and Call of Duty 2 should be 5$ each while COD 4 and WAW should be 10$. Modern Warfare 2 I can see at 15$ maximum. 


Conclusion: The Call of Duty games are pretty fun to play but when I have to drop 20 bucks on COD 4 and 40 bucks on Black Ops I don't really want to buy them unless they do a 75% off sale. So that was my rant about the prices of the Call of Duty series. What do you guys think about the prices?



Do you think the old Call of Duty titles are overpriced?

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16:00 Jan-09-2015

It's better if you buy Battlefield 3, with 15$, and you have no to worry about "MP" ... -_-

07:06 Jan-09-2015

MW 3 was 20$ at some point in winter sales on steam, if you followed them. And BO2 was 66% off. Actually, all COD games were at least 50% off for 1 day. I decided not to buy anything, because I still thought they were overpriced, even at 20 or 40 bucks. Anyway, I already own most of them.

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15:24 Jan-08-2015

New Call of duty games are slightly overpriced IMO, but the older ones costing almost as much as the newer ones is just stupid, that proves that the developers know themselves that each new cod is 90% the same as the previous....

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18:38 Jan-08-2015

It doesn't really prove anything. But yes, the older games are definitely over priced.