Whats wrong with Add Data ??
Written by: sandip7ezio - 02:11 Jan-21-2015

Hello all GD members, this is to inform you that there are several items that are not present in GD but when I try to add them, I am unable to submit the data, I fill in every major blanks required for a submission but every time it says that " your submission was not sent " or something like that.

Is that a bug? I want to know why this is happening. people who will try to search for those items on GD, they wont be able to find them, so it is necessary to add those data to GD, but this problem is refraining me from adding any further genuine data. A helpful reply would be appreciated . Thanks :)

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09:46 Jan-21-2015

Hey buddy! First of all, I can't stress the importance of adding data to GD. Thanks for your effort.
Normally the submission is not refused if all the blanks have been added. Check the image sizes and storage limit. It gives a clear message if the submission has been refused. If that is not working then give a message to Chief Felix and he'll look into it.

17:20 Jan-21-2015

okay buddy thanks a lot :)