Opinion Piece on Blood Bowl
Written by: 4gateftw - 23:13 Mar-12-2015

This blog was originally going to be my review of the Blood Bowl Legendary edition, but I was unable to really create something worthy of being called a review with Blood Bowl, so instead I'm just going to state my opinion on the game in this blog.


Even though this isn't a review and is primarily meant to just state my opinion on Blood Bowl for those who actually know what it is, you should still know that Blood Bowl is a board game adaptation where you basically play fantasy american football with teams like Orcs and Wood Elves and stuff like that, often against other players. Blood Bowl depends heavily on dice rolls to determine the result of almost everything you do in the game, and a lot of people think the game has no basis in skill because of how heavily dependent on dice rolls the game is. 


I disagree fully with this assessment, because it fails to understand where the skill in Blood Bowl is. It's not a game about being a brilliant sports coach, nor is it a game about pissing you off with RNG bullcrap. The skill in Blood Bowl lies in being able to employ tactics in such a way that you make your enemy take a crap ton of risks and not take that many yourself. Once you understand this, the game becomes far more fun, because you understand that the RNG is something which you yourself can use to your advantage, not just a random work of fate. It makes the game seem much more fair, since you realize that getting screwed by the RNG is often something you could have avoided through better planning, because if you had planned it out better you would not have been in a position where you can get screwed by the RNG. I will never be good at that sort of planning, but the game is still very much based in planning and skill.


Another reason why I find criticisms of the RNG invalid is that RNG creates a large amount variety in the gameplay and in the player generated stories. Creating your own stories wouldn't be nearly as fun if you didn't have that story about the time you punched a halfling with an ogre, and the ogre ended up getting killed by the halfling. Stories like that are what makes Blood Bowl so unique, and without them the game would not be nearly as fun. Furthermore, these ridiculous stories are once again not going to effect the gameplay should the player plan properly, because if proper planning is employed, one ridiculous dice roll will not lose you the game. 


This blog is just saying why I find criticisms of the RNG in Blood Bowl to be invalid, not to be a full assessment of the game, look elsewhere for that if you are considering buying it. If you disagree with my arguments, please feel free to leave your opinion in the comments, there's nothing better than hearing contrasting viewpoints, because echo chambers are not fun. 

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