Dyinglight performance and formal thoughts.
Written by: Sc0tty - 08:04 Mar-15-2015

On the 27th of January, Dyinglight was released. Following the footsteps of its counterparts,
Dyinglight is a survival horror game based on an; open world experience with the usual leveling system. But with a twist, a whole new parkour system that no zombie killer game has ever seen. The story is set on a pretty, abandoned area, known as Horan.

Thus adding some fun for the casual gamer. But tell me. Can a game be fun if its doesn't run properly? I've owned Dyinglight for a bit now, and it's been through some changes. Some patches. As of patch 1.5 things have... been improving, for amd's sake. Which is great. But in total, to go for this game; future games; any game. Are developers pushing games too fast? Are they pushing patches out in fast order, not fully aware of what they better in hopes to shut the casual gamer up? So in conclusion, without further-ado. I give you my take on this... erm.. game.


I'm using standard 1080p resolution for this verdict and my frame findings were made with steams overlay. There's an option for a fps counter in the settings, if you wish for help finding that leave a reply here as-well :) below is some game-play footage I recorded using Shadowplay. FPS Counter is in top left corner of the video.


As of right now typing this, the video was just processed. If you're reading this now please give it time to fully finish to watch in the 720p-1080p whichever as you prefer to see the FPS in the right corner.

As seen the game can be truly fun.. and trivial at most times but in its current state I wouldn't deem it... unplayable.. Just annoying. Going from 60 solid to 30 is really harsh on the eyes. I typed this to not see "Stop complaining, those r guud fps wat u expect" I typed this to get opinions on today's pc gaming industry. In entirety itself on how games are being developed. Because this is upsetting to not only the consumer, but the developer.


Concluding this I just want to say thanks for reading this.. if you did and thanks for the support.

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03:11 May-17-2015

You are the man buddy :) !

23:33 Mar-16-2015

I didn't watch the video, but are you saying it either runs at 60 fps or shoots straight down to 30 fps? If that's what you mean, load your save, pause, alt-tab, alt-tab back, unpause, fixed. Don't know why but it fixes it for me.

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01:51 Mar-17-2015

Thanks for taking a look, I'll check this trick out.

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14:28 Mar-15-2015

nice blog buddy. the game seems to be running well but these drops are so big. from 60 straight to 30. when i tried the game (unpatched) on my rig it barely reached 50 fps on medium to high settings and 0 view distance. the performance wasnt smooth enough for me so i decided against playing this game sadly... it was already looking a bit mediocrely and i had average 50fps with quite a few drops. so... and that was with 0 view distance i repeat. and nvidia features off of course.