Shadowplay vanishing button
Written by: Sc0tty - 08:47 Apr-08-2015

We all love to record our game-play. Either you're a streamer, a youtuber or just plain entertainer. One might ask. Which recording software to you use? I myself use Shadowplay. Now, for everybody who's ever used shadowplay. They'll come to encounter. This


A shadowplay button has dissapeared!


At this point you're like, "OH NOE, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO PLZ DA FANZ"

Stop right there, what just happened is Geforce-experience just failed it's network check. So in other words, it thinks you're not connected to the internet. BUT, when there's a will. There's a way.

So what you're gonna want to do is, go into your main OS drive. In this case mine was C: and open it up.

Mine looks like this:

You're going to want to click on Program Files(x86). Note: (x86) for 64bit users and for 32 bit users it'll just show up as "Program files"  

At this point you're going to select NVIDIA Corporation; as for this is where GFExperience is installed and located. Your folder should look similar to this.

You're going to open "NVIDIA GeForce Experience and scroll alllllllll the way down near the bottom. And find, GFExperience.exe

You're going to right click, and select. And click rename like so.

And you're going to add the following line to the .exe so it should look like this: GFXeperience.exe -shadowplay (with a space before -shadowplay)

And boom you're done. This will bring up STRICTLY the shadowplay features and not GeforceExperience itself. What I did myself is make short-cut of this and put it on my desktop. Anyways, you'll find that GeForce experience may not want to launch after using this method. Simply because we changed the command line. If you need to use GFE in anycase, simply delete "-shadowplay" from the .exe and it'll launch as normal.

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