Anonymous browsing the internet
Written by: bloodman92 - 15:46 May-01-2015

When you want to hide your identity you can either buy premium proxies or use free ones by typing in google the following: free ssl proxies,free elite proxy,proxy list,free http proxies,free proxies in USA,google proxy

When you found a proxy and you are using Mozilla go to Options-Advanced-Settings.

If many ppl are using the free proxy you have chosen google might temporaly ban you thinking you are a bot,just change the proxy to another.

My recommendation is to use Tor browser it never stores cookies,block flash player,ads and things that might track you,it automatically changes proxies and so on :) You can see your proxy ip by going in sites like

Third option:buy VPN (virtual private network).It hides your ip and you are using its traffic.The connection is encrypted.

Just type cheap VPN in google or premium vpn.Of course there are free vpn avaible if you want me to tell you about it just PM me I do not want to spam here ;)

Hope I helped you.Always clear your cache and cookies or google might "remember" you and see your real info ;) Good luck! Privacy is a number one priority in internet!That doesn't apply to google but as well as for other sites...

 Thanks for reading! I hope i havent bored you ;]

Free VPNs(some of them): Cyberghost it has both android and windows client; disconnects after 3 hours VPNGate with their softhether vpn client ; easysurf; hotspot shield vpn ( both android and windows) with lots of horrible ads... HIDE.ME FREE 30DAYS TRIAL FINCHVPN(newly discovered by me) VPN.ME WiFi Hotspot Globus VPN Shellfire Box - VPN Evolution chrome betternet extensions

A thing to watch for free VPNS is the encryption the best encryption is 256bit has it got autodisconnect policy,monitor,logging your activity,ads,transfer cap.Since they are free they can't possibly have unlimited bandwith,no ads and highest level of encryption,no auto disconnect feature!

How to connect to VPN using SofthEther VPN Client manager(Win7/8):

1.Install the client here

2.Follow the instructions and install it.

3.After you are done go to SoftEther vpn Client Manager run and choose VPN Gate Relay Servers.When you are there you will see list of servers.Click on any and choose connect through tcp or udp.If your ISP blocks udp,choose tcp and wait it should assign an ip and the status will turn to Connected.





How to connect to VPN on Android:

Go to Settings-More -VPN choose a protocol lpt2 or any protocol avaible,depending on the vpn connection options and then click on it and edit the username and password.

On windows you should go to Network and Sharing Center click on Connect to a workplace and follow the wizard ;)

I plan on updating this blog reguraly ;) since there is a huge interest amost 2,000 views for 7 days!

Example proxies HTTP/HTTPS THE ELITE HIGH ANONIMITY ARE RECOMMENDED THE TRANSPARENT AND ANONYMOUS SHOULD BE AVOIDED China China Hong Kong China China China China USA recommended! Russia Iraq USA Iraq Netherlands Netherlands USA Netherlands Netherlands China Brazil China Dominican France USA Venezuela Austria Brazil Russia Kazhastan Netherlands France Venezuela China China Russia China China China Russia Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan 8080 Venezuela 8080 Venezuela 8080 Venezuela 8080 Venezuela China Macedonia 3128 US United States 7808 US United States elite proxy 3128 US United States elite proxy 8118 US United States transparent 8000 US United States transparent 12345 US United States transparent 80 US United States transparent 8000 US United States elite proxy 3128 US United States elite proxy 8121 US United States transparent 3128 US United States transparent 3128 US United States transparent 10000 US United States anonymous 3128 US United States transparent 8080 US United States transparent 8888 US United States transparent 80 US United States transparent 80 US United States transparent 80 US United States transparent 3128 US United States transparent 21320 GB United Kingdom elite proxy 21320 GB United Kingdom elite proxy

p.s high anonymous doesnt mean untrackable/undetectable.Also many if not all are blacklisted.And you cannot access certain sites.

Free recommendation tor,if you wanna go pro use vpn such as tor vpn,ipvanish,internet private access.

For free vpn head to GOOGLE and write vpn gate then install the client and connect.However be cautious free service always hides risk,buy the poorest vpn if you have $ instead of free vpn and or public proxy...

proxy checker : if it enclose your real ip under http_redirected_to than your proxy isnt anonymous enough


Do you want me to make a video on Youtube about proxiesvpnanonymous browsing ?

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Such a huge inerest,thank YOU ALL ALMOST 2,000 views.I plan on updating it regulary because of this.Mark,thanks for appreciating my collective work ;]

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Thanks for the effort!

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Once I create a good video I will let you know.Keep in mind that I'm not a pro and cannot go through every step of anonymous browsing in one video.I've gathered a lot of info throughout the internet before I can make/present to u this blog.Thank the internet not me ;) you can always search google it's a better info on everything!