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Written by: Megaman1574 - 00:53 May-25-2015

OK, I know everyone hates it when people advertise their Youtube channels on other videos but I've made a new channel and I think it's different to the average startup channel and worth your time to look.

I thought I'd "advertise" it here to my GD friends because there's less chance of being flamed.

We only have one video up so far, and we'll be uploading two per week, Mondays and Fridays to start with.

If you don't much time or you're bored by the first half of the video were we introduce ourselves then skip to about half where we stop waffling.

We won't run ads on our channel for now, if ever. So we aren't making anything from this, we do it for fun.

Here's the link, and thankyou for taking the time to read this.

Our next video on friday is GTA V truckers vs cyclists mode.

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05:39 May-25-2015

Different than the average startup -> GTA V :// yeahh

08:36 May-25-2015

I meant we were different, not the games. We intend to play less known things as well, we just needed to get another episode recorded and we like GTA V.