Anonymous browsing the net.Creating your own virtual private network.
Written by: bloodman92 - 16:15 Jun-12-2015

I'm going to present to you a method for opening your system as a virtual private network using Softhether VPN Server under Windows so that your friends can bypass for free some goverment restrictions.

First go to

Choose your component [SofthEther VPN Server Manager for Windows assuming you are running Windows]

Latest build

After you had succesfully downloaded it install it following the instructions and start it.

When you start it you will see options for Creating certificate and setting admin password.You can skip creatng certificate but you cannot skip the admin password,remember it.

Click on new setting and add your ip and desired port,set admin password.Choose Server admin mode and click ok.Now click on the newly created server and it will ask you for the admin password you set up.When its connected for the first time it will be automatically configured.Create new hub for example homepc set password and then when you want your server to go live on click on VPN Gate Setting and enable agree with terms and if everything is fine you should see your ip/dynamis hostname on

P>S> Depending on your router/firewall/antivirus you must portforward ports udp 500 and udp4500 so that users with smartphones can connect.

If you have problems ask them here or you can read their FAQS in the section thats above labeled Join us ;] hope I didnt bore you ;ppp

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17:22 Jun-12-2015

VPN? sure. always use it when bashin' govt.

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17:34 Jun-12-2015

In Russia, India and China, government bash you - literally...

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16:23 Jun-12-2015

Thanks... Our current government here is right wing with a lot of religious whack jobs in it... Never know when they might suddenly decide to start censoring on a massive scale... This might come in handy one day if they do...