Power Supply Unit Data Error And Data Entry Guide
Written by: JRschro - 15:58 Aug-04-2015

Hey all,

Over the years our hardware database has grown to legendary proportions and occasionally mistakes are made when submitting data and validating that data. The purpose of this blog is to get you involved in helping us manage the huge GD database!

There are three purposes to this area.

  1. We want to make this a blog area that you can use to tell us when you see our Power Supply Unit data on a Game-Debate webpage is wrong, then an admin will investigate and clean it up.
  2. This will be the place to come and ask for help in how to best submit accurate Power Supply Unit data, using our Power Supply Unit data submit form. (Frequent or helpful questions will be combined in a FAQ-section of this blog as we go along.)
  3. Finally, new tech comes out all the time and our hardware submit forms can sometimes get a little out of date. So you can let us know below when we need to add new fields into our hardware submission forms to help us stay up to date with modern developments.

To get involved - Visit the GD Power Supply Unit area and if you find a bad link or piece of data you feel is wrong, simply create a new thread in the discussion area below this blog, and clearly state what is wrong and provide a link to the GD page plus any supporting webpage where the correct data may be found

NOTE: This blog is not for general chit chat and any improvement system suggestions or similar can be left directly on admin member walls.

Nor is this the place to ask us to add missing hardware, if that's what you want, you can leave a message on this blog ;)

You can also report hardware that is named incorrectly.

If you are feeling adventurous or maybe Power Supply Units aren't your thing you can check out the Laptop Data Error And Data Entry Guide to help with all things Laptop

These are the admin in charge of this blog and Power Supply Unit submissions and database.

Power Supply Unit admin

1. JRschro – Admin
2. Roley4498 - Admin
Additional Supporting Admin: Divayth

As always thanks for your support, getting data accurate on GD is our collective passion and together we can achieve great quality data that everyone can use.

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admin approved badge
20:06 Aug-04-2015

In the form you have the option to give the amount of 6 pin connectors and 8 pin connectors. However many modern PSU have 6+2 connectors(which can be used as a 6 pin or 8 pin), might want to add that field

20:09 Aug-04-2015

Not to mention some PSUs use more amps then others and needs to be more info on the capacitors

admin badge
13:51 Aug-05-2015

I'll look into that, thank you :)

16:38 Aug-04-2015

Thanks for the heads up