My 35 years of games
Written by: teckamel - 09:17 Oct-10-2015

At first years of my gaming time 35 years ago games wasn't like today graphics and gameplay

My first game in 1980 was Pac-Man

that was the thunderstruck from that game i became to see my self a gamer type of person because since pacman i became playing all type of games on 1982 with pole position 

from that time games became to be more graphical 

But what made gaming amazing that time is super mario world on 1990

That game became my favorite game and still is 

On 1992 the first 3rd Fps was Wolfenstein 3D a revolution in gaming industries followed two years later by Doom II: Hell on Earth

after that was the amazing lara croft on Tomb Raider 1996 with playstation one already on the markets

was an amazing year but still continues and game industries never stops suprising us 

Years after With Need for Speed : Porshe 2000 , spiderman and Hitman on 2000 my second son bithday

was quiet my year but after i was a little bit out of gaming But i got back on my feet on 2010 with

Bioshock 2

after that i never left a game again 

i know i'm old but games are my life

Yes graphics sucks at my time but i think games where funnier 

So what de you think about my time games ?



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14:13 Oct-11-2015

games are passion it does not matter which age you are

19:16 Oct-10-2015

i have started my games from 1992 with prince of Persia on dos & its still continues with all the games coming in the future.

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09:33 Oct-10-2015

Well your time of games is mine time of games too soo dont know what to say haha
And I still play DOOM with brutal mod

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09:39 Oct-10-2015

I smell john cena here... i better go...