Shadow of Mordor GTX 750ti AMD a8 6600k 8 GB RAM
Written by: GCPLPYT - 23:00 Feb-12-2016

Today I got Shadow of Mordor through the Steam Family Share Feature, so I thought that I would make a "small" Benchmark Video for you.

I recorded the Videos with Shadowplay so they wouldn't really change that much on the outcome of the Tests.




Lowest Setting @1080p :

Average FPS: 81.42
Max. FPS: 133.04
Min. FPS: 45.51


High Settings with Medium
Textures (2GB VRAM Setting) : 

Average FPS: 36.44
Max. FPS: 58.60
Min. FPS: 25.08


Ultra Settings with Ultra
Texture Settings (not the
the HD files installed though)
@1080p :

Average FPS: 21.80
Max. FPS: 37.22
Min. FPS: 8.71


High Settings Medium
Texture, no AA
@ 2880x1620 (150% 1080p)

Average FPS: 27.53
Max. FPS: 38.22
Min. FPS: 20.65


So I hoped you learn something out of these Tests (whatever that could be :D )

I am actually kinda impressed by that because it actually runs pretty well on settings inbetween of Ultra and Medium



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