Why is the new Zelda so special?
Written by: Nillend - 21:08 Jul-15-2016

Yes, a new Zelda game was revealed on massive scale at this year's E3. And while it raised spirits of loyal fans, I remain sceptic of all the expectations it had brought along

This post could be put into a general discussion, but I would like to clarify some things before we engage the discussion.
This question is a continuation of the Love and respect segment from the EZA podcast:


While the crew has explained their viewpoints considering previous Zelda games and comparing the new one with them, as someone who is not really into Zelda, I still am not convinced that The Breath of the Wild is worth all the hype.
I mean, this game was most talked game of E3 and it was not even close.

I mean, I know that game seems to be about freedom and wast exploration, but while it seems to do that very well, it's not the first one to do that.
Is jumping really such a big deal? Chopping trees, swimming and overall interacting with environment? Wasn't that present in games for years now?
I assume that the story is a big part of Zelda games, so I hope that we get a good narrative out of it. And its seems to have nice mechanics, but I won't be able to know how it actually feels until it comes out. This seems like the best Zelda yet, but is it really so remarkable even outside its franchise?
So far it seems that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a nice representation of a saying Jack of all trades, master of none. Yeah, it's visually great, but not really graphically demanding, like the Witcher 3. It's supposed to have a good story, but probably not as deep as Final Fantasy or Silent hill 2. It has some stealth elements, but is not as tense as Metal gear. And it appears to have smooth mechanics and fun gameplay, but they're probably not as enjoyable as Overwatch or challenging as Dark souls. And sure it is vast and free, but not as big as Just cause 3 or Xenoblade Chronicles X (I might be wrong on that. Correct me if you have some info).
So where's the catch? It seems to me that the hype for this game is mostly the consequence of Nintendo's legacy and their well executed marketing and the fact that this is the first new game of a popular franchise in many years. The fact is that there's (too) many things that we don't know about the game or the NX, but that doesn't seem to stop the hype for either of them, but even encourage it. But anyway, try to help me here.

So my questions are:
Is the new Zelda REALLY so good? Is it the fusion of all said features? Because it seems really overhyped.
As I am a person that is not into the franchise, try to convince me why I should play this game? And is it worth buying a new console? Especially after all the controversial leaks we've got about the NX?


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