Finished The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and all the Expansions. (Goodbye Geralt)
Written by: ronweasley - 18:28 May-16-2019

Dear Geralt,

Today I said farewell to your world. I feel a huge sea of emotions within me. Geralt of Rivia, The White Wolf, Butcher of Blaviken. To me? Friend. I will miss you dearly, and no before you ask no. I cannot come back, for you are at peace now. Touisannt is a wonderful place so enjoy the sun and the vivid towns. Brew your potions and sell them to keep busy my friend and don't hesitate to kill some monsters if the people beseech you to do so. Remember to enjoy Corvo Bianco my friend. Learn the secrets of the haunting and charming place. Do not think I forgot about Yen! Give her my regards! Go for a picnic in the fields sometime but do not forget your swords! Enjoy the peace you have both achieved, read books, go on dates, get sneaky. I'm sure that Ciri will drop by once she learns of your adventures! Get the guestroom cleaned up! Perhaps you can invite all of our friends over for a week of fun? Once Cirilla drops by of course! I'm afraid I cannot come back anytime soon. Perhaps just perhaps In a few more years I might poke my head back in but by then you would not remember me, we will be back at the beginning of your quest. I don't want to subject you again to the fear we felt for our Ciri. I shall not come back I cannot disrupt the peace with which you live now but do not fear my friend I will never forget.


Your Friend.

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03:37 May-18-2019

Witcher 3 is a unforgettable experience.

17:45 May-22-2019

One that i wish i could delete from my memory to enjoy for the first time again. Absolutely an amazing experience.

18:37 May-16-2019

I thought this just another game. A good game but still a game. I would have a second playthrough of course yeah? Wrong. By the end of the Wild Hunt and once I trudged through the expansions I felt like the people of this beautifully crafted world were each a dear friend or an enemy I would scorn at. I raise a glass Sangreal to CDPR and Andrzej Sapkowski for creating and realizing this world.