Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
Written by: Chopa - 23:18 Mar-11-2010

Since this year marks the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, the slimey politicians want to celebrate by axing the BoB Memorial Flight as the three million quid it costs to run is cutting deeply into their junketting funds.

Three million quid is about 5 pence for every man woman and child in the British Isles today. Since they believe that is too much to pay in memory of the brave men and women who turned Herr Grofaz and Fat Herman away and sent them off to a much colder hell, perhaps those of you who think that the RAF has already lost enough planes to the accountants wouldn't mind signing the attached petition and mailing five pence to whichever spineless grey non-entity is currently sitting in Winston Churchill's old chair.

My apologies if my tone is a trifle harsh, this bureaucratic carp has rather upset me since my old man's first operational posting was on Spits.

Regards Chopa

I quote:

"Hi Everyone,

Can we circulate this to every one that each of us know, i.e. Our full contacts list, to try and save the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.


Dave Wheeler
Flt Lt

Your petition reads:
We the undersigned Petition the Prime Minister to Ensure that the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is not axed in any defence cuts It has been suggested that the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) - which celebrates the sacrifice of those who flew during the 2nd World War - will be cut in the next round of defence cuts. This will be a travesty if it was to go ahead.
The BBMF is said to cost a mere £3m a year, less than 0.1% of the defence budget.
It is a great delight for all who see their displays, and, if closed, the memory of 'The Few' will be lost. Please vote to ensure that the BBMF is not closed. Simply click on the link above, fill in the form and then pass this on.
Thanks for submitting your petition.

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