NEWS BITS 10.07.2021
Written by: Gankutsuou - 03:09 Jul-11-2021

It's that time again.

The there be links.


Using AI to detect prostate cancer 

Saildrone to map he seafloor

Darpa to use program imitating human brain to analyze images

Star in the night, oh so bright, show me your light. It's science related and cool ;)

Mushroom leather coming your way

Meat and meat substitutes aren't nutritionally the same

So fish can become addicts, great sigh

So anyone interested in apparel that can sweat?

Signs of microbial life on Saturn's moons?

Immunotherapy reactivates cancer suppressing protein

A way to refresh old brains

Using drones to help with rescue at sea

How some older brains keep fit

Student designed an affordable fire suppression device

Zap broken bones to heal them

Using soil to solve crimes

Guess there's a reason for working less. You feel better read this

Personally I don't think this mask is a good idea

School 3D printed in Africa

Desalination membrane that works with 99.9% efficiency

Injured cancer cells eat own membranes to survive

One does of psilocybin creates new neural connections

Student designs device to safe stab victims

So Mercury is really dense, who knew

Can't say I'm interested in using grass as a template for lab grown meat

Here come solid electrons

We get missiles that talk to each other, this surely won't bite us in the ass

Record high temperatures recorded in Antarctica

Virgin galactic to carry passengers into space this month

Tech that could help rehabilitate stroke victims

So anyone looking for big mobile homes

Hyperport - a means to send containers at crazy high speeds?


And there we have it. A ton of links, and I hope you find it something interesting among them.

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