Hello from the other side
Written by: GameBoy27 - 19:04 Nov-17-2021

Hello guys,I discovered GD some time in 2012 while searching for the requirements of a game. Then I saw there is some sort of community here and I signed up. That was a time when I was signing up for every site that has a sign up option so I really didn't have to think twice.I grew up with a fascination for computers as long as I can remember and that made me the nerdy awkward kid at school, I didn't have much social interaction in real life at that age and for that reason I tried so hard to fit in, to belong everywhere and did a lot of cringeworthy things all the time in almost every online community. But GD was probably the only place where I didn't receive a barrage of trolls. These guys were simply helpful in a straight way. They corrected me when I was wrong and although a lot of the people were actual adults at that time when I was only an awkward teenager I didn't feel that much of a misfit.

I gave up regularly using GD some time around 2014-15 when I got busy with life. Over the years I have traveled across the country, studied computer engineering, did freelance stuff for a while, worked as a digital artist, tried a failed business, been in two relationships, had one painful breakup, have completely changed from an introvert person to a confident public speaker, made a few personal projects... Well life happened as it went. And after all that, I got my first actual complete gaming build this week. I know the market condition isn't ideal but I just made a move once I got my hands on a graphics card. After years of gaming on my sister's laptop, then my own gaming laptop, finally an actual powerful desktop build I can be proud of. 

The reason I felt like writing these things after all these was I simply suddenly felt nostalgic and thought that I actually feel really grateful that the community of GD has played a part in not letting my enthusiasm about computers and hardware die at that time. I guess I should thank this community for that.Although a lot of the regular guys of that time don't seem to be around any more, Thank you guys. Thank you GD.

I mainly built the computer for 3D work and occasional gaming. Wish me luck.

And although I am not yet that confident about my computer engineering skills, if in the future my skills can in any way help the website or the community, I will try to the best of my abilities.

Take care everyone.

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