I'm back after a long time. Also I switched to Linux!
Written by: ronweasley - 07:07 Nov-30-2021


I'm back after three years! I hope everyone is doing well and I hope that you haven't faced too much hardship due to the whole human malware thing going around. I've faced some pretty bad times but it looks like the clouds are slowly lifting for me now. I'm still rocking my old PC. It seems like Ol' Reliable just won't ever go away from me :D

When the lockdowns started in my country around April of last year I initially whittled away at the suddenly huge chunk of time I was forcefully given by playing a ton of games that I never seemed to have the time to play anymore. The likes of Train Sim World, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Minecraft in particular held my attention for an extended amount of time. I could only survive on the games I had for so long though, pretty soon I was starting to get bored of gaming and I decided to take a greater interest in the box that powered my games and also that silly little collection of boxes and buttons called Windows that I used to get at my games and my other things. It started with a single LTT video that I watched. You see, the moment that I watched that video I decided that I had a puffy tail, long ears and an affinity for carrots, so I decided to jump headfirst into the rabbit hole that is Linux!

I wasn't completely unfamiliar with Linux at the time but it was more of a cool nerdy thing that I would load on a VM and use to open questionable files from the internet. I never imagined I would eventually grow to love this piece of software to the point that I would just say no to hardware that wouldn't play nice with it. I also never imagined myself becoming comfortable enough with the idea of programming that I would even know what things like Python, C, Rust or Java are, let alone that I would one day notice that I was regularly doing certain things on my PC and then deciding to automate it with a little bit of Bash or Python!

There's also another thing I never really thought I'd be doing and that's messing with stuff like Wine and Proton to get my games working and I definitely never thought I'd enjoy it! I feel like using Linux has made me appreciate computing as a whole a lot more.

If you are fairly tech savvy and willing to experiment I'd recommend grabbing a Pop!_OS, Kubuntu, Manjaro, Mint or even Fedora ISO and giving it a go. Just keep in mind that it might not go all smooth and you may even go back to Windows, but the experience is definitely worth the time that you might put into it and who knows you might be like me and decide that every single one of your computers is gonna have a penguin inside it ;)

I use Arch BTW.

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