Alternate PC case building Competition
Written by: NFSwhiplash - 23:10 Dec-29-2012

Welcome everyone. 

After seeing Tzzsmk's Lego PC case and building one of my own, I decided to make a competition to see who can come up with the most insane PC case. 

Rules are simple. Build a case that has a minimum of 5 sides and be able to run a PC in it. The case can be constructed out of anything you want but must not include the original case. 

Once you have build your master peice, Make a blog and post some pictures. Then Whisper the link to me so i can add it to this blog.



Our First contender is Tzzsmk with his Lego PC case



Our Second contender is me, NFSwhiplash with my Lego PC case



We are waiting eagerly for your submission. Don't delay!!

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