Mass Effect 3 Citadel
Written by: tanmay190 - 15:05 Mar-30-2013

Hello Guys,

This is my first blog & have started it because i wanted to say something about the mass effect 3 last DLC the citadel 

Note: As this is my first blog i dont have any practice to write them please suggest me how to make them better

So this is a short type of review & my point of view of this DLC

1) Point of Making such a DLC 

when i played the DLC then i thought i am in mass effect 2 or ME1 because the citadel in the ME3 i knew this was all totally different & it seems totally unrelated to the whole "Saving the Galaxy " thing So what i think is it was made just for the fans to enjoy with the old characters & have a cool , somewhat boring time 


the action part As it is nothing to tell about the story of party it is just go near the charcters & enjoy the cutscenes Now getting towards the action part the whole ME trilogy only 2 times the sheps ship was endangered by someone to capture once in ME2 by collecters & once now when shep was offboard

The story is really good to say the new look of shp is also good the formal one . at a point i forgot that i was playing the game ME3 as it missed the gunfire also the suspence the Devs took of is amazing 

I dont know if this thing i wrote is good but i tried its my first blog i know the DLC is good but make sure you suggest me


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