Team Fortress 2 !
Written by: Core2Quad - 14:32 May-11-2013

                                                            Hi GD'ers!

Now I just wanna start saying that playing together is awesome and fun ! I recently Installed Steam again (2nd Time) and I was looking for some good F2P Games that most of you would have and I found that TF2 is famous and everyone have that. Not everyone but all can download it as its a F2P Game. Its a lot of fun if you haven't played it and if you have then you know how great and fun it is already ;) For people who haven't played it I want to tell you how it is by saying one thing "So F**king Great!" :D So Please People Start Downloading TF2 On Steam now. Many of us GD'ers play everyday. If you are in then tick attending and tell me your steam name so I can add you or you can add me and my Steam name is "Core2Quad3". :)

Get Your Guns Ready And Aim For The Ass :P Lol ;)

Its Fun ! So get ready and download the game and play with us ! :) And awesome thing is That Tanja Also Plays that game which is awesome xDDD

Thanks ! Join Me.


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