If Xbox One controller is coming to PC
Written by: superific6 - 17:26 May-30-2013

I'm expecting the Xbox One controller to come to PC, most likely several months after Xbox One is released. If it is, are you planning to buy it?

I am because, in my opinion, unlike the Xbox 360 controller, it has a fixed D-pad, which I'm not really concerning about but it might help in some games. Also I hope that they will release a wired version of the controller.

You may leave a comment about why you will/won't buy the Xbox One controller.

Will you buy the Xbox One controller if it's released?

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03:26 May-31-2013

i voted no because every xbox controller is the same ( the purpose of playing with it) in my opinion, and i already have 2 Logitech f710..

18:11 May-30-2013

Why would you wand a controller if you have the best tools? (keyboard and mouse)
I think only games like DMC or Street Fight can make good use of a controller...shooters and RTS games don't.I personally tried a friend's xbox controller on the PC and I didn't liked it one bit.

18:21 May-30-2013

Well, I barely play FPS and RTS games. I usually play action-adventure and platform games. Most people don't get comfortable while playing these kind of games with keyboard and mouse, so gamepad is a better option for them.