AMD Steamroller CPUs FX-9450 and FX-9650 benchmarked!
Written by: GalibTheGamer - 05:55 Aug-01-2013

Recently while browsing through the internet I came face to face with a webpage showing the test results of FX-9450 and FX-9650, mentioning them as the upcoming steamroller CPUs. They were compared against AMD's FX-8350 and Intel's i7-3770K and i7-3970x. The results were determined by assuming that the Steamroller CPUs will have a 45% increase in performance vs Bulldozer and a 32% increase in performance vs Piledriver. The IPC will lie somewhere between Nahelem and Sandy Bridge, falling behind Haswell by only 25-30%.The results are:

POV Ray 3.7 - Multithreaded Test Score


4C/8T - Intel i7 3770k : 1363

6C/12T - Intel i7 3970x : 1888


4M/8T - AMD FX 8350 : 1505

4M/8T - AMD FX 9450 : 1636

4M/8T - AMD FX 9650 : 1985

(determined with 32% increase in performance over the FX 8350)

Cinebench 11.5 Score - Single Core Test


4C/8T - Intel i7 3770k : 1.66

6C/12T - Intel i7 3970x : 1.62


4M/8T - AMD FX 8350 : 1.11

4M/8T - AMD FX 9450 : 1.21

4M/8T - AMD FX 9650 : 1.47

Cinebench 11.5 Score - Multi-core Test


4C/8T - Intel i7 3770k : 7.52

6C/12T - Intel i7 3970x : 10.84


4M/8T - AMD FX 8350 : 6.93

4M/8T - AMD FX 9450 : 7.55

4M/8T - AMD FX 9650 : 9.15

Due to the 20% difference in single core performance when compared to Haswell, the FX 9650 will perform on par with a 2nd gen intel i7 2600k in gaming, still falling behind the 4770k by a hair when paired with two high end graphics card solutions. For games, like Crysis 3, that take advantage of more than 4 cores, the FX 9650 will perform on par with its intel counter parts. The 32 % performance increase comes with a 20% increase in IPC (vs Piledriver) and around a 10% Clock boost.

The only downside with these chips is the overclockability. AMD generally pushes their stock clocks high enough to not leave any room for overclocking. Although AMD has put alot of effort into making these chips less power hungry, they only succeeded in allowing for higher clocks and typically higher overclock under the given TDP. The total power consumption is only 5-8% less than its FX 8350 counterpart. Unlike with the 4770k, which can handle a hefty +43% overclock from 3.5 Ghz to 5.0 Ghz , while the AMD FX 9650 will only handle a 20% overclock from 4.5 Ghz to 5.4 Ghz.

Note: It should definitely be noted that the Intel processor overclocked to 5 Ghz will still use a whopping 40% less power than AMD's Steamroller Flagship.

The FX 9650 will lie somewhere between the 4770k and the 4960x in performance, and the price will reflect that. To directly compete with the 4770k, AMD will release a cheaper variant(FX-9450) clocked at 3.8 Ghz with a 4.2 Ghz Turbo.

The price estimated for AMD's flagship FX chip 4.5 Ghz with 4.8 Ghz Turbo is $449, with the lower model(FX-9450) sporting a 3.8 Ghz / 4.2 Ghz Turbo Clock for $249. The FX 9650 will compete directly with the i7 4930k, while the FX 9450 will compete with the i7 4770k.

The rumour that AMD will release a Steamroller Centurion processor with 6M/12T is also on the air having estimated price of 900-1000$.



Do you believe the results for Steamroller will come in reality?

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10:22 Aug-01-2013

i 99% believe that the results for steamroller will be a reality(although there might be slight difference) because they are in dire to beat intel! if they persists to produce new cpu which is just a renamed and higher clocked, then AMD is in deep trouble!

admin approved badge
06:40 Aug-01-2013

Yes that webpage is there some time and all their "test results" are just pure fiction based on AMDs claim that steamroller will be 30% faster than bulldozer (piledriver is 15% faster than buldozer allready)
And from info from internal source who claims it will be 45% faster
Why it is fake? -amd never released 6M/12T centurion
But here is what AMD engineer wrote and it sounds quite confident and good:
"Steamroller is not Bulldozer Enhanced. F* no. The layout might look the same but our LEGO blocks are completely different. When all is said and done we should get 45% improvement and this goes to show how the Bulldozer was f*** design. This is all what Bulldozer was supposed to be."

13:08 Aug-01-2013

In this engineer we trust then!