Cliffs of Dover
Written by: Chopa - 02:02 Apr-09-2011

  I have been flying IL2 1946 online via Hyperlobby for about 3 years now. During this time the online community have been avidly following and commenting on the development of IL2-Cliffs of Dover.

  As you can see from this Russian market clip, as well as the promo English language clip, the graphics are awesome for a combat flight simulator.

  Unfortunately, the word from the trenches is that the lovely landscape and foliage graphics combined with a grafted on epilepsy prevention filter are bogging gameplay down framerates that would spoil a MMORPG, but are total gamebreakers in a supposedly fast moving Air combat sim. Development programmers are working hard on fixes and Knowlegeable players are madly tweaking their own systems to try to make this puppy fly. As yet I have not seen a copy of this game, but fear for my sanity and wallet when it hits my machine....Folks with better hardware than mine are crying into their goggles.

  I have alot of faith in Oleg Maddox (The Developer) to make this game work....eventually. One day this game will be the benchmark that its predecessor IL2 1946 was, and in ten years time I predict that the new engine which is driving Cliffs of Dover will be driving something that will resemble the current Cliffs of Dover about as much as the IL2 1946 Ultrapack and HSFX versions we play today resembles the original IL2 Sturmovik.....That is to say, about as much as an AK47 resembles a Brown Bess musket.


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