Massive MMO Giveaway!!!
Written by: marvigo - 16:37 Aug-17-2013

Hi everyone ^.^ I am Crimson *Yeah I know it says marvigo as my username but I guess I changed it a while ago*. So as you can tell, I am hosting a massive MMO game giveaway. This giveaway includes over $150 worth of items, gift codes, and beta keys! This will be on youtube tho... Its much more simpler for me to access than Game Debate. Anyways. I have over 25 keys to give ya'll and still growing! I predict up to 50 key will be rewarded by the end of the giveaway. The giveaway will end on the 26th of August and to enter is only 4 simple steps.


2.Like the video

3.Comment saying anything you like.

4.Enjoy ^.^


If you do win, please message me on youtube under a week. If I do not receive a message from the winner of a prize I will repick someone else to win it. Someone lucky will win the jackpot giveaway giving over $100 worth of items. I hope you enter ^.^ Best of luck.

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