Need For Speed The Run
Written by: NFSwhiplash - 18:34 Jun-05-2011

I have some of the older NFS games... and they were fun. Now I have some of the more recent NFS games... Most Wanted, Carbon, Prostreet (prototype for the Shift series), and Shift. Most Wanded was great, the story line is awesome, but the bosses were a little to easy. In Carbon EA fixed this. In Prostreet this was over done abit.      And Shift.......... well I'll just say that its a piece of S***. So now they have a new game thats coming out called The Run. Thankfully it looks completely different. then the Shift series. I've watched the trailer about 7 times, and I'm very intrested in playing it, although I have to be able to play it on a Core 2 duo, Which I will be getting eventually... for free  :)  The Run appears to go through the States But hopefully they will have the free roam which is the BEST PART of any NFS game.


Theres reason why EA dosen't make MW2 or U3. If they do they'll somehow screw it up and everyone will hate them even more. So I don't expect those named to reappear for a while.

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