happy Endings my ass
Written by: hoseinz - 14:55 Sep-08-2013

Contains Spoilers - (discussion posts below also contain spoilers)

so,lets get straight to the point,i Hate happy ending,where every thing works out well and everyone lives happily ever After,so here is what i thought,i decided to make a blog,for all the people like me,and you,Dear readers,could share what you think would have been better (and less jolly) endings of the games that you have played.

so,don't be shy,come forth and tell YOUR story,and how you would have liked for a game to end.

let me start,Here is my ending for BattleField 3:

Solomon is barely Able to trigger the bomb,the bomb explodes,shattering buildings and glasses,200000 are killed by the bomb,and the entire country is in confusion,all out war wages between The US and Russia,and the Wat continues until...

you see,with this ending,it would have been better,and it would have been easier to make the sequel a follow up.

so that's my version of the ending for BF3. Feel free to share you version Of the ending of ANY game.

Thank you for your time.

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