Infinite Crisis Beta Key GIVEAWAY!
Written by: lakewashoceanbath - 01:15 Oct-25-2013

So . . . this is my first giveaway on GD. If you guys don't know already, I applied to be an Infinite Crisis beta tester, and got in. The guys that make this game also gave me a bonus key. Since my friend didn't want it (LOL), I've decided to do a giveaway here, on GD.

Since Part 1 of this "game" is over, I am going to announce your guys's groups.

Group A: Divayth, danngtx650, Sm4k94

Group B: scottyjay, karkar98, Nymphetamine

Group C: slavepetrich, GalibTheGamer

Group D: spongey141, AppleInDaTree

Next thing is quite simple, really. Answer these questions. Whisper me the answers and your group name. The best performers will move on.

1. What was the original name of DC Comics?

2. In which comic series did Bane break Batman's back?

3. Which supervillain "killed" Superman?

4. Give me the real names of these Superheroes: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman

5. The _______ is a relaunch of all the DC Comics's Superhero Comics.

6. Why did Batman decide to fight crime? (Hint: Look through his Origin Story)

7. When was the first DC Comic made?

Submit your answers ASAP.

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