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Written by: OneShootDown - 19:32 Nov-02-2013

Hi guys,

this is pure simple question....

Do you want to play Battlefield 4 with other GD'ers? then press the attending button on the right and leave your Origin name as comment at the comment section bellow!

lets rock the battleground!

Everyone can add me on Origin: OneShootDown


If there is enough attending members, (minimum 20 people), then we can arrange events where we join a server together at a specific time (e.g. saturday eight a clock or something) and dominate the battleground... we'll be playing any maps and any game modes. so be prepared for any kind of warfare... me personally prefer conquest and conquest large game modes but that would be unfair to only play something i want... if someone wants to play a specific game mode, he might do it alone or with few others who wants the same at another time or something.


i will make another blog with a poll where we can vote for when it suits us most, e.g. monay or friday or whatever...


have fun guys ;)

lol, i wrote 'Battlefield 4' as the location for this event... and it looks like we got somewhere called battlefield 4 or such... look at the map :D

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