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Based on a near future world view, Metal Knight Zero is an FPS online game which takes modern high-tech war as its theme. It is formed by the elements of realistic artistic style, realistic physics system, realistic weapons and equipment, special carrier system, dominion system and a lot of other network factors.
The background time of MKZ is 2010-2020. The story is based on that of Metal Knight, Object Software’s single player RTS game released in the late 1990s. At the time of the MKZ setting, large-scale combat robots had only just been invented. The relations between countries with strong military forces are complex. After the combat robots are introduced into warfare, they arouse global terror and military conflicts. The scenarios are designed mainly taking modern Asian metropolises, new cities and their outskirts around the Persian Gulf as reference. Most weapons are active service weapons. Some weapons which are still in the laboratory (e.g. FN SCAR, XM8, and XM110) are also available. Players can also have an opportunity to use some combat robots
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